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Three garden furniture items to own this summer


Your garden will come back to life as soon as the nice days return. Why stay confined to your home if you have a beautiful private green space? But be careful, you don’t want to risk your health by exposing yourself to the sun for a long time. That’s why you need to equip yourself with specific pieces of furniture that are among the must-haves of the summer, such as the arbor, the parasol and the swing.

The arbour, as the masterpiece of your garden furniture

We tend to think that arbors are reserved for special occasions. However, don’t wait for a party to install one in your garden. You can place the model of your choice on the lawn, at the edge of the pool, as an extension of the terrace… In short, the arbor invites itself absolutely everywhere. Don’t forget that this element is multifunctional and that it exempts you from wearing a hat permanently.

You will have for example the possibility of installing armchairs or a complete garden lounge underneath, just as you will be able to use the arbor to protect you from the sun during a game with family or friends. Even when the sun is at its zenith, you will be perfectly protected from its rays which, let’s face it, are sometimes highly aggressive. In addition, this shelter will give a certain design to your exterior. Just remember to choose a model whose dimensions match the space available in your home. A question of aesthetics!

The parasol, a mandatory piece of garden furniture to protect yourself from the sun

When the lawn is dressed in this bright green, it makes you want to lie down for a nap or simply to relax. You can place your board games on the ground to entertain two or more people. Any meal of the day can also be enjoyed outside. And of course, those who have a pool will not miss any opportunity to take a dip. The parasol will be the ideal accessory to enjoy all this without worrying about the heat. A centered model will be placed in the center of a garden table, in an area that lacks shade, in the middle of the lawn and anywhere else you wish. If necessary, you can move it as you wish.

If you choose a remote umbrella, it will provide you with a shady spot while you relax in your pool or why not take a break on your hammock. These models can also be installed near woven resin chairs so that you can enjoy the joys of summer in your garden (sunbathing, for example) without risking sunburn. Don’t forget that umbrellas are timelessly successful decorative elements that can easily be integrated into any decor.

Perfect garden furniture to relax: the swing

Winter has not allowed you to enjoy your garden as you would have liked. But that’s a worry you’ll soon get over. Don’t let the return of the warm weather surprise you. And in this case, there’s nothing better than anticipation. The swings that have rocked many generations before us are still relevant today. But they are now designed in highly original materials and styles to fit perfectly with the times.

Thus, you will have the possibility of choosing furniture in stainless steel or aluminum. You will have all the leisure to read, to enjoy some moments of intimacy and even to make a nap on your swing. The different models have each one a hanger which will protect you from the sun and the wind. Imagine yourself, rocked by the movements of the swing… The well-being promises to be there! In addition, the choice of colors and materials is extensive. This gives you the opportunity to choose a model that matches your personality and the style of your home.