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5 reasons to hire an interior designer

Hire an interior decorator for your house !

Are you tired of your home’s decoration, too vintage or too classic for your taste? Have you thought about hiring an interior decorator? Nowadays, it is a common practice to make sure that the layout of a home is harmonious and in line with current trends.

What is the role of an interior designer?

A decorator or interior designer can intervene in your home to redefine the layout, arrange the space in the best possible way, suggest themes in interior design, and in general, allow the furniture in your home to reflect current trends… while respecting your personal tastes and needs. With him, your interiors will be arranged to perfection, from the furnishings to the lighting to the decorative elements! Your decorating project will have the best possible outcome. Design by Anais offers its clients a personal and affordable interior design service!

5 reasons to call on him

Are you hesitating to hire an interior designer for your home decoration project? Here are some advantages that should convince you that it is better to entrust the interior design to a professional, because decorating a home is not within the reach of everyone.

A valuable guide

First of all, as a qualified professional, the interior decorator you will call upon will be able to guide you in this redesign of your house or apartment. He knows what can work together, but also what to avoid, when you choose to modify the interior decoration of a home. He will accompany you step by step in this important step that can change your daily life. To arrange its hearth in a modern and practical way, that changes the life! Careful interior design allows you to feel at ease in your property. Coming home after work in a modern and cosy cocoon, it is very appreciable!

Leveraging the strengths of your assets

Even if he can also encourage you to make purchases to fit a particular theme, the interior decorator relies above all on the existing, and will know how to exploit both your property and the furniture it contains. Some of your furnishings are bound to have assets that you, as a novice in the field of decoration, may not be able to see. This is also what a decorator is for! Interior design is their field of choice. They know how to take a step back from what exists, which you cannot do, as it is your furniture and you cannot imagine it being used or placed differently.

Always on top of new trends

Would you like your home to be modern, up to date and classy? The interior decorator, by virtue of his or her profession, follows the trends in decoration very closely. He or she will be able to advise you on the latest designer furniture, or the colours to use for your walls or floors, for example. He will be able to bring a touch of originality to your interior ! Decorating a home is not something you can improvise: you have to keep up with the latest trends so as not to make a mistake in taste. But, when you don’t work in this field, it’s not always easy to know the “hype” of the moment. This is why the intervention of an interior decorator in your home is strongly recommended.

Enhance the value of your home efficiently

Redesigning your interior does not mean launching into major works! An interior decorator knows how to adapt to the conditions of work that one gives him, and in particular to the real estate concerned. He will enhance it, even if you thought it was impossible to bring in a bit of modernity. This is called “home staging”: it consists in reusing a maximum of the existing in your interiors, possibly by giving a blow of painting, by modifying the use of a part…

A complete follow-up of the project’s progress

From his first visit to the final touch in terms of decoration, the interior designer will be at your side from the beginning to the end of your project! Step by step, with you, he will advance in this restructuring, this “home staging”, sometimes abandoning certain ideas for the benefit of others, by himself or following your requests. Versatile, he manages each room of the house, the possible providers or the intervention of a designer, and he knows how to adapt to all situations. With him, your home will be in good hands! He will take care of everything from A to Z: furniture, lighting, decorative elements…


In conclusion, calling on an architect for the interior design is an excellent idea to give a new look to your home. Do not hesitate to use the services of such a professional, you will not regret it!


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