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Wardrobe: the value of a complete makeover

magasin de vêtements une étape incontournable du relooking

Having a well-stocked wardrobe is certainly advantageous, but having a wardrobe that makes you feel good about yourself is much better. However, do you really know your clothing needs, and do you manage to wear clothes that you like every day? If you have some difficulties in answering these questions, a complete wardrobe makeover is necessary and soliciting the help of a specialist to carry it out is really fundamental.

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Adopt the thumb ring ladies to be elegant and stylish!

bague pouce femme

Women did not always wear their rings on the ring finger, middle finger, or little finger. Look at the beautiful Flemish paintings of the 14th century: the young bride whose portrait was sent to the potential groom proudly wore a few family rings on her index finger, sometimes on her thumb, or on other more conventional fingers. There were no fixed rules for wearing rings.

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The piercing trends of the moment

In the nose, in the navel, in the tongue: the piercing is everywhere! If there are the great classics which last in the time, it is nevertheless possible to stand out thanks to well-placed jewels!
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I tested the anti hair loss shampoo


The first thing we need to do is pamper our hair to make it look good. Shiny, soft hair is not something you can achieve with a snap of your fingers. And hair beauty isn’t just for the stars and those lucky enough to have ultra-smooth hair. Read More

A wool scarf to be elegant

écharpe laine

We love its softness and the warmth it brings in winter. But the wool scarf also invites itself in the dressing of the beautiful season! It is indeed a multifunctional piece, as you will soon discover Read More

A jean according to your morphology

To each his shape, to each his preferences! What can I say ? Name me a girl who has never worn jeans? Jeans are timeless, there are just these cuts that vary, these styles and these colors. When it comes to our shape, we often ask ourselves, which body shape suits us best. It’s a good question if you care about your figure. I give you my tips for making the right choice of jeans !

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Discover the hair clinic


When faced with a hair problem, it is difficult, if not impossible, to adopt an adequate treatment if no hair analysis has been done beforehand. This is one of the reasons that should motivate you to go to a hair clinic, but first it is important to learn a little more about this type of establishment. Read More

All about the bohemian look

When you are invited to a party or when you sleep with your friends, you often don’t know what to wear. Yet you want to be original, to stand out a little, to be noticed, while showing your personality. Read More

I attended a bohemian wedding in Belgium


When the Belgian nature lends itself to an original wedding, the guests can only be pleasantly surprised. This was the case for me as I was recently invited to a great outdoor ceremony where the decor was a mix of nostalgic retro style, original Bohemian style and refined chic setting. In short, it was a very successful Bohemian wedding in Belgium. Read More

Pourquoi craquer pour une bague en or rose ?


Your jewelry also sees life in pink. Dare to make a change by opting for beautiful rose gold jewelry. Elegant and shiny, rose gold will seduce you and delight those to whom you offer it.
Rose gold, you say? Yes, it does exist and even more so, it is the guarantee of elegance. A new trend, the pink gold, seduces more and more women, and for good reason! Original, simple and refined, buy a rose gold ring, it will make you crack. To obtain this color, jewelers combine 24-carat yellow gold with copper and silver, which makes it a very strong material.

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