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How to improve your egg incubator?

An egg incubator

Are you looking to join the ranks of poultry farmers or are you looking to optimise an existing facility? The incubation system is one of the key elements that will make your job easier. However, owning an incubator is not enough – you need to know how to use it. Follow the guide!

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Choosing a beautiful decoration for your kitchen

Choose the decoration that best suits you for your kitchen

Your kitchen, large or small, open to the living room or closed, it is the central room of the house. To choose an attractive decor and give character to this room, there are an infinite number of ideas on the market for decorating kitchens, between materials, colours, equipment, taps, chairs and tables, the choices are really varied. Depending on taste and budget, customers can create a practical and modern kitchen where they feel comfortable cooking and preparing delicious food.

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5 reasons to hire an interior designer

Hire an interior decorator for your house !

Are you tired of your home’s decoration, too vintage or too classic for your taste? Have you thought about hiring an interior decorator? Nowadays, it is a common practice to make sure that the layout of a home is harmonious and in line with current trends.

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Wardrobe: the value of a complete makeover

magasin de vêtements une étape incontournable du relooking

Having a well-stocked wardrobe is certainly advantageous, but having a wardrobe that makes you feel good about yourself is much better. However, do you really know your clothing needs, and do you manage to wear clothes that you like every day? If you have some difficulties in answering these questions, a complete wardrobe makeover is necessary and soliciting the help of a specialist to carry it out is really fundamental.

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Adopt the thumb ring ladies to be elegant and stylish!

bague pouce femme

Women did not always wear their rings on the ring finger, middle finger, or little finger. Look at the beautiful Flemish paintings of the 14th century: the young bride whose portrait was sent to the potential groom proudly wore a few family rings on her index finger, sometimes on her thumb, or on other more conventional fingers. There were no fixed rules for wearing rings.

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The piercing trends of the moment

In the nose, in the navel, in the tongue: the piercing is everywhere! If there are the great classics which last in the time, it is nevertheless possible to stand out thanks to well-placed jewels!
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Plants, our decorative allies!

Plants are not quite ordinary decorative elements: they give character to an interior, convey an image of healthy living and soothe the atmosphere. They are widely used because of their decorative potential, whether indoors or outdoors: so how to highlight them and integrate them into your decor? We explain everything below. Read More

Transfer of lease in Cannes: how it works

cession de bail

The transfer of a lease is a very common procedure. Whether it is a rental lease or a residential lease, there are principles and procedures that must be respected. In order to succeed without hindrance, the process includes taking into account and studying all the obligations that arise from it. Read More

I tested the anti hair loss shampoo


The first thing we need to do is pamper our hair to make it look good. Shiny, soft hair is not something you can achieve with a snap of your fingers. And hair beauty isn’t just for the stars and those lucky enough to have ultra-smooth hair. Read More

A wool scarf to be elegant

écharpe laine

We love its softness and the warmth it brings in winter. But the wool scarf also invites itself in the dressing of the beautiful season! It is indeed a multifunctional piece, as you will soon discover Read More

Crystal vases to enhance your interior

vase cristal

Crystal is a noble material that appeals to most people and brings an elegant and refined touch to any interior, regardless of its style. The vase is certainly a star piece of crystal decor, however, it is important to choose it well so that it perfectly matches the trend you have given to your room.

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Some little secrets about elevators, Paris

ascenseurs paris

Paris has gone through several restructuring operations over the years, the last one being the one carried out by Baron Haussmann in the 19th century, which turned it into the capital we know today. But at the time, elevators were reserved for flourishing businesses and residential buildings were devoid of them. It took a few decades for them to be equipped. The elevators in Paris are now often old, and pose many problems to the inhabitants.

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After a burglary, you feel the need to have an armored door installed?


Anyone who has had a burglary will tell you: a break-in is a real trauma that causes a feeling of insecurity and fear in one’s own house or apartment. There is a constant fear of being visited again, during the night or while you are away. If this is your case, and you live in the South of France, have you thought about having your front door secured or having an armored door installed by a locksmith in Nice?

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Call a locksmith for a door opening

Door slammed, keys lost in the wild, lock jammed and leaving you outside your home with no other way to get in, not even the janitor who has the spare keys to your apartment? Bad luck, isn’t it? And yet, it’s a situation that could very well happen to anyone at any given time. You never plan ahead when a gust of wind will slam the door and leave you behind without a warning. Read More

Some tips to secure your Facebook account, it’s this way!

Thanks to the Internet and social networks, we have never had so many opportunities to communicate: yet we have never been so susceptible to having our privacy vandalized by malicious people! Here are a few tips to protect you from certain misfortunes, if you have a Facebook accountRead More

Tips for a successful home renovation

Is your home a few decades on the clock? It may be time to think about doing some renovation work. After all, you need to make some necessary repairs to ensure that your home can stay up as long as possible and that you can stay in it as long as possible as well. Read More

Your guide to installing a sauna in your home

The sauna brings us many benefits, especially in terms of relaxation and purification of our body. Indeed, by letting us go in a sauna for about thirty minutes, we sweat a lot because of the heat which helps to get rid of toxins in the body. Read More

A light for every room

It is essential to equip one’s home with appropriate lighting fixtures. The functional aspect is important, yes, but it is also necessary that the lighting fixture in question, fits with the existing design and architectural constraints. The atmosphere to be created, the ceiling height and other criteria must be considered.

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What would be the best solution to ensure the heating of the house?

Heating is important, especially with winter fast approaching. However, you are still hesitating about the most interesting solutions to adopt for your home. Indeed, nowadays, there are so many systems to choose from that you don’t always know where to turn. That’s why we’ve decided to write this article today to tell you about the heating options available to you. What would be the best solution to adopt? Read More

Rainwater harvesting, all you need to know on the subject!

We think that water is an inexhaustible resource, and yet we are wrong on all counts. On the contrary, water has been a threatened resource for some time, as the earth’s fresh water reservoirs have been emptying more and more in recent years. It is therefore necessary to take care not to waste water, to consume as little as possible. Remember that half of the people living on the planet lack water! So be more responsible and try to act as a good eco-responsible citizen. To meet part of your home’s water needs and if you have a good level of rainfall in your area, we recommend that you set up a rainwater harvesting system. Let’s talk about these systems Read More

Professional painter: choose him

seau peinture

Painting is an art in its own right, and this also applies to professional painting: it requires a specific know-how and technicality. The professionals who offer this type of service have undergone specific training to be able to offer a unique rendering on your wall surfaces, whether it is an interior painting or an exterior painting (facades, etc.). We are going to present you the reasons to call upon a professional painter and the main advantages of his intervention for your renovation and/or construction works.

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How to organize your living room decor: my secrets to achieve this

Decorating your living room yourself is no small task. On the contrary, you end up with a big chore on your hands, especially if you don’t have the patience to do these things. Are you almost going crazy? Today, I propose you to see with me different points that you should really take into account when choosing the decoration of your living room. Indeed, whether it is the arrangement of furniture or the distribution of spaces, it is very important to create a good harmony inside your home. How to make a success of your decoration in this case? If you have 5 minutes to kill, it’s time to sit down in your chair. Read More

Nomadic decoration: everything you need to know about this style

The theme of decoration is as you know one of the subjects that I am very passionate about. So, I decided today to go a little further in the subject and to propose you a simply crazy idea for the decoration of your living room: the nomadic decoration.

I once went to the house of one of my girlfriends, her father is a great traveler, so he had installed a little corner just for him, a private room let’s say, which completely amazed me when I had to go and get something. I was racking my brains for a long time before discovering that the style was simply the nomadic style, the traveler’s lounge. You want to know more? I propose you today to focus on the thing. I am sure you will love it. Read More

Advertising: My 5 tips for creating an effective flyer


The flyer is a very interesting marketing tool because it allows you to reach out to the public and offer your services or products directly. To launch a company or to talk about an event, this communication medium allows to target exactly the desired people. For a real impact, it is essential to think carefully about each element of communication of its flyer printing to display a beautiful quality. Read More

Your guide to what you need before buying an apartment

Buying an apartment and the purchase of a new home is the story of a lifetime: between the savings that go into this project and the sleepless nights wondering if you’re going to take too long to find the home of your dreams, you can end up anxious when you don’t make the right decisions. I often see young buyers who make the mistake of rushing into things. As a result, you may very well end up making a purchase that you will regret after a few months, or you may end up not being able to pay back the loans you have accumulated… Frankly, the worst thing you can do is to fall into both, in addition to having to pay too much for an apartment that is out of your sight. Read More

Here is how I found a glazier in the Alpes Maritimes


Even if you are an excellent do-it-yourselfer, there are some jobs that are better done by professionals. To carry out the installation of windows in double glazing, to replace a pane of glass after a breakage of glass, to pose a pane of glass at the time of the construction of a housing, better is to call upon a craftsman who, in professional, will carry out work of quality. Read More

A jean according to your morphology

To each his shape, to each his preferences! What can I say ? Name me a girl who has never worn jeans? Jeans are timeless, there are just these cuts that vary, these styles and these colors. When it comes to our shape, we often ask ourselves, which body shape suits us best. It’s a good question if you care about your figure. I give you my tips for making the right choice of jeans !

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Discover the hair clinic


When faced with a hair problem, it is difficult, if not impossible, to adopt an adequate treatment if no hair analysis has been done beforehand. This is one of the reasons that should motivate you to go to a hair clinic, but first it is important to learn a little more about this type of establishment. Read More

All about the smart home

Connected home nothing surprises us anymore with all the triumph of these connected objects of these last decades. Brands are falling like rain, offering choices on the famous connected home design. Read More

Buying a house in Nice : which real estate agency to turn to ?


The French Riviera is a dream. Many are those who wish to settle there. Who hasn’t thought about enjoying the beaches and sun of Nice? Except that the market is very complex, precisely because of the number of people who want to live there. The only solution you have is to trust a real estate agent. This is normally a guarantee of a precious help when buying a property…. provided you choose him well! So if you too dream of moving to the Alpes-Maritimes, or of finding your second home there, here is the advice of a southerner to find the right Nice real estate agency for you. Read More

Why choose the PVC card?


Resistant, design, customizable and functional, the PVC card seduces a growing number of professionals. This all-purpose communication medium accumulates advantages. Moreover, its future seems already well mapped out in view of the possibilities that the cheap PVC card offers to its users. Focus on its description and functions.

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All about the bohemian look

When you are invited to a party or when you sleep with your friends, you often don’t know what to wear. Yet you want to be original, to stand out a little, to be noticed, while showing your personality. Read More

The right clues about second homes

A second home, it’s always useful when you feel like getting away from it all. Due to the hard rhythm of everyday life, we are looking for a place where we can relax calmly away from everything, while feeling at home. Read More

I attended a bohemian wedding in Belgium


When the Belgian nature lends itself to an original wedding, the guests can only be pleasantly surprised. This was the case for me as I was recently invited to a great outdoor ceremony where the decor was a mix of nostalgic retro style, original Bohemian style and refined chic setting. In short, it was a very successful Bohemian wedding in Belgium. Read More

The attitude that every good locksmith should have in intervention


You’ve done it, you’ve contacted a locksmith to perform a cane repair. However, since you acted in a panic after losing your keys, you are still wondering if you chose the right locksmith. Any good locksmith should observe at least these 2 rules to be considered a good professional. If so, next time you’ll know who to call 😉

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Change your locks after a burglary


Have you recently been the victim of a burglary, and are you looking for a reliable, effective and practical solution to increase the security of your front door? Here are some useful tips to help you change your lock with the help of your locksmith in Paris.

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Decorating tip: a house full of light

Decorating tip: a house full of light

Light is a must in every home. I’m not talking about artificial light of course, but the one we enjoy during the day, the daylight. Today, I would like to talk to you about decoration, especially how to play with this natural light without harming the aesthetics of your home. We will mainly focus on Windows, but you should know that there is more to a dazzling house than just windows. Read More

Taking care of your roof in a few steps

The roof is an important part of your home. It is one of the main guarantors of your comfort and well-being, allowing you to live protected from bad weather and the vagaries of the climate. A roof in bad condition can cause you problems, especially at the level of the solidity of your building, if you do not take into account the problem quickly enough. Today, I propose you to discover in a few lines how to take care effectively of the roof of your house. Read More

Halloween: disguises for young and old


Halloween is fast approaching with all its frenzy. If scaring the neighborhood is the golden rule of this party, finding the right costume is the basis, and this is as true for children as for adults. The success of the Halloween party starts there.
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My tips for a perfect decoration

decoration interieure

Do you need to decorate your apartment or house? I know it’s really hard to do, but often when you see the results afterwards, you are immensely proud. So, today I decided to talk to you a little about decorating. You don’t want to make any mistakes? Here are a few tips that I suggest, each room will need special attention, so you might as well put all the chances on your side!

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Armored door: choose the super armor


Professionals and individuals need to protect their business (warehouse and offices for example) or their home against break-ins. To ensure their security, they increasingly choose to equip their entrances with super armor. Super shoring: a guaranteed security

What is super armor?

There are different types of armor: the basic armor, the pivot armor and the super armor. All these types of armor have their qualities, but only the last one will assure you of maximum security. A super armor consists simply of a steel frame fixed on the old door frame. It is therefore an uncomplicated solution, despite its high efficiency. It is also possible to install it by sealing: in this case, the hinges are sealed, for a guaranteed high security. The super armor has different levels of certification, the highest of which corresponds to an almost military level. The best level of super-armor is a door certified A2P BP3, with a steel prefix. Such a door will be truly impenetrable. However, a super-armored door is always opened by a lock, so it is important to avoid losing your keys, because you will not easily break into it if you do!

What are the advantages of super shielding?

A super-armored door requires a professional installation, which generally corresponds to a few hours of work, but once the installation is done, you will find the price quite moderate, because your super-armored door will offer an extremely dissuasive protection to your apartment, house or premises of your company.

In addition, you can further increase the security of your door with anti-claw angles: it will be impossible to destroy the hinges of the super armor. When potential burglars see a super-armored door, they usually turn away, because such a system is absolutely impenetrable by conventional means. This is because the armored door, in addition to being strong due to its specially designed steel, is incredibly heavy, and therefore not easily manipulated. Perfect for you to sleep on your two ears!
No more talking about the outside, for an interior all in harmony, I propose you my article of tricks for a perfect decoration.

Pourquoi craquer pour une bague en or rose ?


Your jewelry also sees life in pink. Dare to make a change by opting for beautiful rose gold jewelry. Elegant and shiny, rose gold will seduce you and delight those to whom you offer it.
Rose gold, you say? Yes, it does exist and even more so, it is the guarantee of elegance. A new trend, the pink gold, seduces more and more women, and for good reason! Original, simple and refined, buy a rose gold ring, it will make you crack. To obtain this color, jewelers combine 24-carat yellow gold with copper and silver, which makes it a very strong material.

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What to do in case of water damage

Water damage is undoubtedly the most common type of damage that can occur in a house, apart from fires and explosions of course. In fact, nearly one million cases are recorded each year. I therefore advise you to be well insured in order to be able to cope when such a problem occurs. In this article, I suggest you find out what you should do if water damage occurs in your home. Read More

Three garden furniture items to own this summer


Your garden will come back to life as soon as the nice days return. Why stay confined to your home if you have a beautiful private green space? But be careful, you don’t want to risk your health by exposing yourself to the sun for a long time. That’s why you need to equip yourself with specific pieces of furniture that are among the must-haves of the summer, such as the arbor, the parasol and the swing.

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Choosing the right insurance for your location

Owner of a furnished rental? You should know that the rules regarding furnished rentals are not the same as for bare boat rentals. You must therefore seriously consider the issue, because if something happens with your tenants, you may well find yourself in trouble. In fact, the tenant in question does not need to make sure of anything with regard to your property. You might as well take care of things yourself. Read More

Tips for efficient insulation

Do you want to have an efficient insulation in your house? In any case, it is essential if you want to guarantee a good quality of life, but especially if you want a more efficient heating system that consumes less energy. So, today I propose you some tips to allow you to have a performing insulation in your house. Indeed, this performance depends on different factors that should be taken into account with great care. Read More

Career focus: interior decorator

As I am very interested in decoration, I thought that today you might like to discover an important profession in this field. So, I am going to dedicate these few lines so that we can talk about the job of interior decorator. Indeed, it is a job that has all its importance in the finishing of a house and especially in the style and decoration!

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Decorating: Bring your home up to date

You think that the decoration of your house lacks a bit of pep? Today, I have an idea that you might like and that will help you to put the decor of your home in the air of time. I admit that prints can be a little daring at times, but frankly, there are some great ideas to adopt in this new trend! Here are a few suggestions that you might just like!

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Finally know how to decorate a bathroom

Need an interesting idea to give your bathroom a makeover? Today is your lucky day, because I decided to talk about it in this article. I know, you have no patience and even less the gift that it takes for a beautiful decoration. So, I offer you my help to find the best possible alternatives for your bathroom!

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What to do in the South of France?


Nice, Verdon or Marsan are beautiful cities where you can have fun accompanied or not. You can also enjoy your favorite activity. Whether you are a sportsman, a nature lover or a lover of good food, the south of France welcomes you in a totally friendly atmosphere. These few tips will help you find your bearings and have a wonderful stay in this little corner of paradise.

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Everything to choose the ideal floor

When it comes to finishing your new home, you need to choose a floor that suits your habits as well as your family. I know that this is not an easy choice and yet it is going to have to be done, especially if you don’t want to be deceived by the one of the professional who will do it. So, today I propose to you to know some tips that could well help you in your quest!

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Focus on real estate in Strasbourg


Strasbourg is a dynamic and active city with a wealth of business opportunities. In recent years, the real estate market has exploded thanks to numerous laws aimed at making the acquisition of new real estate or the rental of studios in the area more flexible. But in which area to live in Strasbourg and in which type of real estate to invest?

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5 tips for choosing the perfect TV

Do you need a new television set? Be careful, I warn you, this is not a purchase that can be made in a hurry like buying a pair of panties. Indeed, you have to take into account different criteria, the profusion of new models on the market does not help either! It is necessary to know how to draw its pin from the game. So today I offer you 5 tips to buy your TV.

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Online games and screen, which one to choose?

To enjoy the hours spent in a good online game, the screen used is a key factor. The same is true for console games. The visual rendering is very important, because that’s where it all starts. Need to choose a new screen, let me help you today to find the most suitable model to ensure your comfort and enjoyment!

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5 computer tools to improve your health

Today, we are in the digital age and even health care is getting into it. Indeed, today, we are witnessing a great revolution in the field of health and information technology, which are merging. The giants in the field of connected objects production are attacking the health sector with original products. Let’s see which ones you can use for your well-being!

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Buying an old property is not simple, here is the method.

We don’t always have to turn to new furniture when investing in real estate. Indeed, it is quite possible to fall in love with an old house when you see one. No need to rush into it though, you have to be very careful, because these are minefields, you never know what it may hide. So here are three points on how to buy in antique furniture.

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What you need to know when buying real estate

When buying real estate, when you have found the property you are interested in and even if you don’t have an offer to make yet, you can already start making an offer to purchase. Indeed, it is a kind of pact between the two parties: seller and buyer who, through this act, commit themselves in a kind of promise to sell.

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Reasons why you should change your windows

Improving the quality of life is on everyone’s mind, but what we don’t always think about is that the windows of your home are also part of your well-being for many reasons. However, changing windows is not so obvious to everyone, even though it is absolutely necessary to replace them from time to time. So, I suggest you discover why you absolutely must change your windows. Read More

Tips to purify the air in your home

Breathing clean air in your home is essential to guarantee a better quality of life, but also a certain comfort. Also, the issues of air purification in a house are not to be neglected. This can be done with a few simple gestures, but also with the installation of adequate equipment. Also, I propose you today to discover how to purify the air of your house effectively. Read More

Decorating the living room, a matter of colors

You want to succeed in decorating your living room? Know that it’s not just a question of furniture or decorative objects. No, the decoration of the living room begins first by the choice of the colors to adopt, allowing thereafter to harmonize the rest of the contents of your house. So I suggest you discover in this article some points that will help you choose the right colors in your living room. Read More

Stain: What you need to know

If you love wood in your home, I think you’ve probably heard of wood stain. In short, it is a product that is used on wood, both inside and outside, for many reasons. I suggest you discover with me in these few lines what you need to know about wood stain. Read More

Solar panels: what to remember?

Solar panels are all the rage these days, as questions about reducing fossil fuel consumption and protecting the environment are on everyone’s mind. Indeed, solar panels have evolved over time and are now much more accessible than before. I propose you in this article to know the essential of the solar panels. Read More