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Choosing a beautiful decoration for your kitchen

Choose the decoration that best suits you for your kitchen

Your kitchen, large or small, open to the living room or closed, it is the central room of the house. To choose an attractive decor and give character to this room, there are an infinite number of ideas on the market for decorating kitchens, between materials, colours, equipment, taps, chairs and tables, the choices are really varied. Depending on taste and budget, customers can create a practical and modern kitchen where they feel comfortable cooking and preparing delicious food.

What colour should you choose for your kitchen?

For a long time, the kitchen has been the important room and the place where family members spend a lot of time. It is the epicentre of the house, cooking, eating, spending good times with family and friends, organising Christmas dinners, it is really a place of conviviality, sharing and exchange. The kitchen also acts as an office for the children, who sit around the kitchen table to do their homework from school.

Dare to use colour, where wood and white are often the main colours in the kitchen. Among the major trends in recent years, coloured kitchens, in green, orange, blue, and even black, all colours are possible and exist on the market, a nice marriage of colours between the paint on the walls and the furniture gives a touch of originality to the kitchen.

The combination of several materials such as granite, wood, glass, natural stone, is also possible to decorate the kitchen. You can call on an interior design company, such as Design By Anaïs, to give your kitchen a professional touch. It is always better to have the opinion of an expert in interior design and layout!

Decorative objects to enhance your kitchen

In order to improve the decoration of your kitchen, you can add many decorative and aesthetic objects. For example, many people use decorative letters to decorate the walls of a kitchen. A good way to liven up your walls while sending a message!

In order to give your kitchen an aesthetic touch but also a bit of life, plants are the ideal asset! They bring freshness to your room and keep you company in a way. And don’t forget the lighting in your kitchen, which can also be attractive! Indeed, you can install decorative lights that bring brightness and charm to your kitchen.

Finally, you can opt for shelves hung on the walls of your kitchen. These add a decorative touch to the room while organising it efficiently! You can combine these shelves with pull-out cupboards which give a real modern touch to your kitchen.

Note that all the objects you decide to add to your kitchen must be able to blend in perfectly with the decor. So choose items that have the same colours or styles as your kitchen. You can opt for different colours, but they should still blend in well with the main colour of the room.

Kitchen decoration models

You don’t like your kitchen, it’s not practical, it’s not modern… It’s time to change it and prepare your renovation budget to create a beautiful, modern and practical room that makes you want to cook. Whatever your choice, open kitchen, fitted kitchen or kitchen with a central island, here are some models:

  • kitchen open to the living room ;
  • kitchen with a central island;
  • kitchen with built-in storage units;
  • kitchen with timeless, warm and modern decoration.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is essential that it is practical, modern and trendy. This is why hiring an interior designer is a good idea! He will be able to guide you through the renovation of your kitchen.

Kitchen open to the living room

Keep in touch with your guests, or keep an eye on your children, while cooking. The open kitchen is the ideal solution, a beautiful and well laid out space with a marble or wood worktop that opens onto the living room, a simple floor separation with cement tiles with pretty patterns, is enough to delimit the space, without cluttering the living room.

Kitchen with a central island

A central island decorated with pretty hanging lights, equipped with cooking hobs, and a hood for cooking, and a space for eating, it is very functional and modern at the same time.

Kitchen with built-in storage units

If you don’t have enough space, or you have a small kitchen, the ideal is to make a built-in kitchen with a beautiful black or white front, or even with a noble material such as wood, it hides several storage units, and it is decorative and practical at the same time.

Kitchen with timeless, warm and modern decoration

A nice combination of colours and wood gives elegance and modernity to your home’s main room. Choose materials and paints that give a warm feeling, such as wood, and add a few touches of colour on a panel or with decorative elements or kitchen utensils in black, this colour brings the chic side to your kitchen decoration.

The decoration of your kitchen is therefore essential! Whether you hire an interior decorator or prefer to do it yourself, it is important to add your own personal touch. After giving your kitchen a makeover, your meals will seem much more pleasant and your guests will probably be impressed!

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