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3 design pergolas for a chic and trendy garden


In addition to pleasantly shading your garden, the pergola gives it a certain elegance, whose charm depends mainly on the materials used. Discover how to enhance your exterior with a methodical choice of your pergola.

A natural design pergola: the wooden pergola


The wooden pergola requires a lot of maintenance. It should be repainted at least once a year

A noble and natural material, wood brings authenticity to your design pergola. You can stay in a pure style or choose to carve the wood to obtain particular shapes. Moreover, it is possible to integrate a sunshade to your pergola in order to protect you from the sun and create enough shade to enjoy in any season

A design and robust pergola: the wrought iron pergola


Climbing plants are often found on iron pergolas

As an extension of your terrace or to be placed in the center of the garden like an arbor, the wrought iron pergola will be timelessly elegant. You can cover it with a light enough material to optimize your sun protection. Otherwise, let plants climb it to create a green shade

A design and aesthetic pergola: the canvas pergola


The canvas pergola is undoubtedly the least restrictive and the most aesthetic

Light and adaptable to all configurations, the canvas is highly popular in the outdoor design. It is possible to choose a ready-to-install model or to order a web of a specific size. The range of colors is as rich as the panel of textiles used.

In addition, it is possible to customize the shape of your shade cloth so that it blends harmoniously with the rest of the garden furniture. Transparent or opaque fabric, waterproof or watertight fiber… Your sail pergola will take on the look you want.

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