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A light for every room

It is essential to equip one’s home with appropriate lighting fixtures. The functional aspect is important, yes, but it is also necessary that the lighting fixture in question, fits with the existing design and architectural constraints. The atmosphere to be created, the ceiling height and other criteria must be considered.

A light fixture adapted to your living room

This is the main living room, the one where you spend a lot of time alone or with guests. If the height of the living room is important enough, install a chandelier or a suspension lamp. A transparent finish would allow for maximum light diffusion.

For a fairly low living room, a trendy ceiling light fixed in the center of the ceiling or two identical models distributed along the length of the living room will bring a good luminosity.

If the room is cramped, sconces oriented towards the ceiling will give an illusion of height and space.

Enhance your wall decor by attaching small spotlights above each picture or over a mirror.

In the case of a double living room, bet on a floor lamp, especially if you have little furniture. Your light fixture will fill the void while enhancing the room’s decor.

Always distribute your lights to create a cozy atmosphere. This will make your living room feel welcoming after moments spent in the dark outside.

Adopt lighting in your kitchen

In the kitchen, the functionality of lighting fixtures is not negligible. The light is a guarantee of comfortable and safe cooking. The layout of the space is extremely important for the choice of lighting.

Industrial style pendant lights are very popular. They are mainly used above the dining area. It is important to know that each area must be optimally lit. A LED spotlight embedded on the central island would be interesting. If the stove is far from the work surface, it is better to overhang it with a wall lamp whose bulb is directed downwards.

It is also important to ensure that there is plenty of light around the storage area. This will make it easy to retrieve your utensils without breaking anything or hurting yourself.

Try the light fixture in your room

Your habits will determine which fixtures are right for your room. For example, if you often read in bed or if you have installed the TV in the room, you should consider a table lamp. This one will have to illuminate your reading area sufficiently without disturbing your spouse. It should not be aggressive because the flashes of light on the screen already tire your eyes and can create discomfort.

A collection of LED lamps in the shape of cubes, animals or vases with flowers could fit very well depending on how you have arranged your room. Be sure to check out the selection specifically for bedrooms.

Consider installing sconces that will dim the lights from the bulbs. But ideally, always go for extra low voltage halogen bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps, as they don’t dazzle.

For the sake of convenience, make sure you can control the lights from your bed. For even more luminosity, think of skylights.