Nomadic decoration: everything you need to know about this style

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The theme of decoration is as you know one of the subjects that I am very passionate about. So, I decided today to go a little further in the subject and to propose you a simply crazy idea for the decoration of your living room: the nomadic decoration.

I once went to the house of one of my girlfriends, her father is a great traveler, so he had installed a little corner just for him, a private room let’s say, which completely amazed me when I had to go and get something. I was racking my brains for a long time before discovering that the style was simply the nomadic style, the traveler’s lounge. You want to know more? I propose you today to focus on the thing. I am sure you will love it.


Beautiful colors on the walls

Obviously, for the decoration of a living room, it will be necessary to consider first of all the colors to adopt. You will indeed have to paint the walls before putting everything in place, so this is the first thing I advise you to do, choose the color of your living room.

For a nomadic style, the warm tones are the most recommended to give this desire to escape, to go elsewhere and simply enjoy the landscape. So, I recommend you to choose colors like yellow for example, saffron or ocher. You will see how it makes a great effect.

Of course, we must not forget the bright colors that make you think of an exotic world, don’t you think? It is not very common to put fuchsia on the walls, most of the time it is said that it is a color too gaudy and yet in this kind of decoration, we encourage you to choose bright colors. Turquoise blue is also a tempting idea, a desire to go to the sea?

In any case, with a brightly colored wall, the partitions are to be equipped with more sober colors to not overdo it. Otherwise, your living room will look like nothing when you finish with it. Patterns are not forbidden in this case, you can for example opt for friezes or other to give more cash to your walls.

Choosing the right furniture to put in place

Once your walls have taken on the colors of your choice, you will now have to move on to the furniture so that your living room is furnished as it should be and brings out that nomadic style so sought after. So what do I have to say about this? Well, you should know that to begin with, the most relevant choices are the ethnic furniture, but also the ones made of wicker and finally the customized furniture.

As far as ethnic furniture is concerned, today you have stores that sell many articles that you might find interesting. Choose for example an African chair for the office, a Chinese buffet to put in the corner, a coffee table made of exotic wood to put in front of the sofa, you are free to choose the furniture you want taking into account the foreign cultures and styles that you appreciate the most.

Although you want to adopt the style of this decoration, the budget is missing. Don’t panic, just customize your furniture to make it what you want it to be. Burnish furniture is a good idea, or painting it with warm colors. A little trick that works, write on it the name of the cities of the world with a stencil, you will see that it has a great effect.

A large trunk found to serve as a table, one or two wicker chairs that you can also repaint with bright colors, it sometimes takes only a few euros to achieve a beautiful decoration.


What if we sat at the level of the daisies?

Well, I admit that for entertaining, it’s a bit limiting to sit low to the ground, but it can also be an interesting experience for your guests. Live on the ground like nomads, think you are in a Berber tent in the middle of nowhere in the desert.

In this case, you will have to buy footstools and big cushions to make it easier and more comfortable to sit. Cover your floor with oriental rugs and simply place your cushions on them. It’s almost like being on the other side of the world.

If you still want to keep the armchairs, I advise you to choose them in leather, because it goes very well with this kind of decoration. There are also richly decorated furniture according to the African culture that you can choose or Chinese motifs.

Decorative objects from around the world

If you like to bring back objects from your travels around the world, this type of living room is definitely the perfect opportunity to showcase them. Tribal masks on your walls, paintings on canvas coming from the deepest part of the bush, a Buddha that you brought back from Asia or a Chinese tea set that you put on your coffee table…

Let a little piece of every place you’ve ever visited into your living room. It is a place of curiosity in your living room, I think your guests will be delighted with these beautiful discoveries.

No total look, we’re all for mixing styles

Last advice, but not least, to succeed in a nomadic decoration as it should be. It is absolutely necessary to avoid the total look. It would not be very interesting to decorate the whole living room with an African style or simply a Japanese decoration.

We are all for mixing styles, and I can assure you that you will probably find a very interesting combination if you look a little. Just make sure that everything is in harmony.

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