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Crystal vases to enhance your interior

vase cristal

Crystal is a noble material that appeals to most people and brings an elegant and refined touch to any interior, regardless of its style. The vase is certainly a star piece of crystal decor, however, it is important to choose it well so that it perfectly matches the trend you have given to your room.

An industrial and vintage decoration

For this type of decoration made with raw furniture in materials little worked, wood, metal, etc… The crystal vase offers a nice contrast.

Don’t hesitate to choose models with clean lines and pure shapes, such as square or cylindrical vases or the multiplication of simple soliflore. These are very pretty if you multiply them.

You can vary the heights while staying in the same shapes. The cylindrical vases welcome exotic flowers, arums or gladiolas, that they highlight perfectly. They can be used as a table runner for a refined dinner, for example. Thanks to the lightness of these vases, you create a fine contrast with the industrial architecture. Moreover, cylindrical or square vases can be placed anywhere, but place them in bright places to highlight them.

A natural and zen decoration

crystal vase

The multiplication of vases allows you to create a plant decoration that brings calm and serenity to your interior. Each vase is adapted to a particular bouquet. The voluminous flowers or the big bouquets take place and bloom in the pleated vases or fans and the small flowers all in lightness and smoothness find perfectly their place in a soliflore.

A pretty flower with a gypsophila stem makes a wonderful picture that brightens up your living room or dining room space. The simplicity is perfect to give a fresh and bucolic feel to your room. This is particularly suitable for the zen atmosphere you want to create in a bedroom, for example.

The different shades allow you to play with the colors of your walls, the general atmosphere of your rooms or the style of your furniture.

A chic and pure decoration

The vase can also become a decorative element in its own right. It can also be diverted from its primary function and go beyond the fact of a bouquet container. You can for example put a candle in a vase on a stand. A pretty setting bringing elegance, but also a touch of originality to your decorative style.

The bouquet vase or twisted vase remains a real decorative piece, even if you don’t have a bouquet. It is a way to enhance a table and add a touch of sophistication to your home. It is a way to enhance your room that you will appreciate. Furthermore, it can even become a masterpiece of your home when it is colored in a refined decor. It will be wonderful in the center of your table when you have guests.

The crystal vase finds its place everywhere in your house, you can moreover personalize it by making it engraved, drawing, initials or others, to bring him a very personal side which you will appreciate and which will make sensation near the visitors.