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Stain: What you need to know

If you love wood in your home, I think you’ve probably heard of wood stain. In short, it is a product that is used on wood, both inside and outside, for many reasons. I suggest you discover with me in these few lines what you need to know about wood stain.

What is wood stain, and what is it used for?

Stain is a finishing product that is used on wood and other porous materials. It is a preventive and protective product, so you can’t use it curatively on wood.

Indeed, the stain allows protecting the wood against the external aggression and so to keep the wood in good condition as long as possible. Colorless, sometimes tinted, the stain penetrates into the wood, which keeps its natural appearance intact. It lets the wood breathe.

Stain should not be confused with varnish, because it is not at all the same thing, if we only mention the fact that varnish forms an impermeable veil to protect the wood while stain lets it breathe. Both are, however, a decorative product, both used as a preventive measure to protect the wood.

Application and duration

To apply wood stain, I think you should leave it to a professional. It requires a certain technique, which is not always available to everyone, though.

The wood must be in good condition before application, as rotten or damaged wood will not absorb the stain. If it is varnished wood, you must also strip before staining. In short, you must prepare the surface properly before application.

Once this is done, the stain should be applied with a brush, in the direction of the wood grain. If it is a large surface, the use of a roller is quite possible, I think it will save you hours of work.

Finally, you should know that the stain is designed to last four years before a new coat is required. This gives you time to resume your care. In fact, the stain does not need to be maintained as it penetrates the wood. Before reapplication, just sand it down and then apply it.