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Pourquoi craquer pour une bague en or rose ?


Your jewelry also sees life in pink. Dare to make a change by opting for beautiful rose gold jewelry. Elegant and shiny, rose gold will seduce you and delight those to whom you offer it.
Rose gold, you say? Yes, it does exist and even more so, it is the guarantee of elegance. A new trend, the pink gold, seduces more and more women, and for good reason! Original, simple and refined, buy a rose gold ring, it will make you crack. To obtain this color, jewelers combine 24-carat yellow gold with copper and silver, which makes it a very strong material.

A rose gold ring for a change from traditional yellow gold

Choosing a rose gold ring will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. For your engagement or for a gift that marks your love, choosing rose gold will prove your taste for boldness and originality.

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, rose gold is very resistant: it is very difficult to scratch, which allows you to keep your jewel for many years. Goodbye buying a yellow gold ring, long live rose gold!

Rose gold, a soft and chic color

Thanks to its proximity to the skin tone, the rose gold ring offers your hands all the elegance they deserve. Rose gold combined with diamonds is especially lovely because it brings out the brilliance of the gemstones.