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Discover the hair clinic


When faced with a hair problem, it is difficult, if not impossible, to adopt an adequate treatment if no hair analysis has been done beforehand. This is one of the reasons that should motivate you to go to a hair clinic, but first it is important to learn a little more about this type of establishment.

What is a hair clinic?

It is an institute specialized in hair care. Professionals will diagnose your scalp and hair to understand the origins of your problems. The check-ups and various analyses will then direct you towards solutions that are perfectly adapted to your case, no matter how specific it is.

What treatments are provided in a hair clinic?

In a hair clinic, treatments are offered according to the case. You could, for example, follow a cure that would revitalize your hair fiber, use a product that would stop hair loss, find a treatment for hair that is too dry or too greasy and so on. Nothing is ever recommended to you by chance. You can rely on the expertise of a specialist and the long experience of his team. You may be advised to opt for in-house treatments, to find medical wigs, or to turn to treatments that can be done at home.

Where to find a hair clinic?

Several clinics have been opened in France. You will be able to find the one closest to your home, in Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Cannes, Toulon or Montauban for example. The services are similar in all the institutes, and the teams all have a vast knowledge of the hair industry. Clinics are also established in Turkey, Belgium, Morocco, Russia, Gabon, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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