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A wool scarf to be elegant

écharpe laine

We love its softness and the warmth it brings in winter. But the wool scarf also invites itself in the dressing of the beautiful season! It is indeed a multifunctional piece, as you will soon discover
To make it simple, wrap your scarf around your neck without tying it and without tightening it too much. It’s effective with a perfecto, a little black dress, a sporty outfit and anything else you feel like wearing at the time.

If it is not very cold, transform the scarf into a vest. A large square pattern folds in half to form a nice triangle. If you have a rectangle scarf, fold it lengthwise or leave it as is, depending on your preference. Lay your scarf on your shoulders, adjusting the points that fall in front. Use a belt to hold the scarf in place, and you have a look that is as simple as it is fashionable.

There are no restrictions on colors or prints. What matters is that you like the scarf. Rhinestones, sequins, embroidery… all ornaments are welcome to bring a touch of originality to your scarf.