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The piercing trends of the moment

In the nose, in the navel, in the tongue: the piercing is everywhere! If there are the great classics which last in the time, it is nevertheless possible to stand out thanks to well-placed jewels!
Small turn of horizon of the tendencies piercings today!

For those who want to add a rebellious touch to their style, while giving themselves the possibility to remain “wise”, then getting pierced in the upper earlobe is the best choice. The location is just above the ear, where the ears are usually pierced. This allows you to spice up your style by adding two pairs of jewelry (e.g. two rings).

If you want to raise the bar in your look and play it sharp, then the“helix” is for you! Here, it is the upper cartilage of the ear that is pierced, right next to the edge. The helix goes as well to girls as to boys and can be embellished with a diamond, ring, according to your desire!

Finally, the most romantic will fall for the constellation“. Little seen outside the Parisian fashion shows, its principle is simple: it is a question of making of its ears a true starry “sky”, the piercings occupying all the ear.

After, everything remains possible as regards piercing, and the only limit is your imagination!