Wardrobe: the value of a complete makeover

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Having a well-stocked wardrobe is certainly advantageous, but having a wardrobe that makes you feel good about yourself is much better. However, do you really know your clothing needs, and do you manage to wear clothes that you like every day? If you have some difficulties in answering these questions, a complete wardrobe makeover is necessary and soliciting the help of a specialist to carry it out is really fundamental.

Update your wardrobe

Effectively revamping your wardrobe is easier said than done, and above all, you should avoid undertaking this major change alone. Calling on a dress coach is the best solution, because it allows you to discover yourself and to finally find the balance between your desires of beauty, seduction and social or professional requirements.

In concrete terms, image consulting allows you to determine your style, your clothing preferences and to recognize your true personality. Then, depending on age, body type and the objective, the coach helps define what to keep from one’s old wardrobe, and what to change to be really trendy.

In fact, revisiting your wardrobe does not mean you have to empty it completely. Sometimes all you need to do is make a few adjustments, and bring the basics up to date. That said, pants and blouses can once again be your best seductive assets, thanks to a few accessories slipped in. The same goes for a dress: cut straight and worn with a belt at the waist, it is always perceived differently from a simple dress, without trimmings and without particular appeal.

Take advantage of a makeover to avoid making the same mistakes

If you have ever found your wardrobe to be hopelessly overcrowded or unnecessarily full, this means that you have been unbiased at some point. A makeover is the perfect opportunity to regain your beauty reflexes and to avoid making the same mistakes. It is therefore important to take this operation seriously, and to open yourself up to the coach. Remember also to have a memo, which will be your guide each time you want to sublimate yourself and to please yourself by buying new clothes. From now on, each shopping trip must have a precise goal and meet an effective and lasting need.

clothes on wooden hangers in a store

Nothing like a designer boutique

Also, learn to make the mirror your makeover ally. If you feel confident in front of your reflection in the mirror and look good, chances are that this outfit will find a place of choice in your dressing room. Also, a successful makeover or purchase is not done without matching accessories such as belts, shoes or hats. Think about buying them at the same time, or take them with you to try on during your shopping trip.

A total wardrobe makeover is essential when you are no longer satisfied with your clothes, or when you don’t know how to balance trends and your own aspirations. A coach is the ideal person to reconcile yourself with fashion and rediscover the joy of standing in front of a mirror for hours, admiring the beautiful effect of the clothes you wear.

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