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I attended a bohemian wedding in Belgium


When the Belgian nature lends itself to an original wedding, the guests can only be pleasantly surprised. This was the case for me as I was recently invited to a great outdoor ceremony where the decor was a mix of nostalgic retro style, original Bohemian style and refined chic setting. In short, it was a very successful Bohemian wedding in Belgium.

The advantages of Belgium for a Bohemian wedding

Who says Bohemian automatically says great outdoor party. The bride and groom did not cut it. They chose the vast park of a castle located in Liege to organize the ceremony and the reception, and I can tell you that it was frankly successful.

First, the domain itself was enchanting: calm, planted in a luxuriant green setting a few steps from the Meuse river, it was very beautiful. It made us discover Belgium under a less urban facet for a greater communion with nature. The newlyweds confided to me that they hesitated a lot before deciding on the place, so much the choice was vast.

Several idyllic places were proposed to them in Brussels, Antwerp, Namur and all over the country, but they did not regret their choice. In any case, I hope that other friends will decide to follow in their footsteps so that I can discover these places whose charms I have been praised. But I’m getting a little off track here. To come back to the advantages of celebrating a Bohemian wedding in Belgium, I would mention the setting and especially the possibility to have decorative accessories delivered from France.

The decoration chosen for this Bohemian wedding in Belgium

As they chose a Bohemian chic style, my friends the bride and groom did not skimp on the details to perfect their Bohemian wedding decoration in Belgium: Savethedeco. The trees surrounding the reception area were adorned with small pink and pastel green paper lanterns. It contrasted well with the bright green of the leaves and the lawn.

To protect us from the sun, they planted an arbor. Curtains made of multicolored lace ribbons served as “walls” if I can put it that way, leaving just a free space that served as the main entrance.

In a corner near the bride and groom’s table, they set up a wooden crate set high and dressed with a burlap table runner. It was really elegant. They placed a vase adorned with white lace that held wildflowers. Right next to it was a floral guest book with a personalized cover and a matching pen. The guest tables were adorned with heart-shaped wooden confetti, well-spread soliflores, and floral pouches that held delicious, colorful favors. What I loved most was the large lighted decoration that formed the word “Love”, placed right up against a tree at the entrance to our Bohemian tent.

The animations proposed during the Bohemian wedding

I must admit that the bride and groom did not lack inspiration. Even the entertainment was in keeping with their theme! A photographer was hired to immortalize the highlights of this big day, so the bride had the great idea to install a photobooth. Several accessories such as mustache, hat, glasses, champagne, bow tie, etc. were put there so that we could make original photos.

Some temporary tattoos were also proposed to all the guests, and they did not forget the multicolored confetti cannons that have well ambience the cake ceremony. At the end of the evening, sparklers were lit. The wedding was colorful, true to its theme but a bit original thanks to the many ideas of decoration and animations.

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