Adopt the thumb ring ladies to be elegant and stylish!

Accueil 9 Fashion 9 Adopt the thumb ring ladies to be elegant and stylish!

Women did not always wear their rings on the ring finger, middle finger, or little finger. Look at the beautiful Flemish paintings of the 14th century: the young bride whose portrait was sent to the potential groom proudly wore a few family rings on her index finger, sometimes on her thumb, or on other more conventional fingers. There were no fixed rules for wearing rings.

The meaning of thumb rings

It is precisely this approach that the modern fashion of women’s thumb rings takes up. We remember that in the 19th century, it was not uncommon for feminist and independent women to wear a ring on their thumb to assert their freedom. But this approach has been long gone.

Nowadays, the only thing that counts is the aesthetics of the jewel, and it is perfectly acceptable to wear the ring of your choice on the finger you want. It is even desirable… Wearing a thumb ring for a woman is now more than ever a signal of independence and temperament.

It is said that the right hand represents action. Therefore, we will instinctively wear the rings that we buy ourselves on the right hand. So, is the thumb ring for women a retarded teenager accessory or simply a beautiful ring that one chooses to wear on the finger of one’s choice?
We lean towards the second hypothesis… Specialists will also tell you that the left thumb is the one of imagination and creativity, while the right one is the thumb of desire, of carnal union and love in the first sense of the term. Let’s hear it…

A ring on the thumb: stylish effect guaranteed!

The hands in a woman will be observed from the beginning. It is often the first thing that we look at. So, a thumb ring guarantees a maximum effect. This accessory will add the touch of character to any outfit. As there are many models, it will be easy to match the thumb ring to your outfit or your mood.

In addition, the width of the ring makes it very easy to find mixed models. What a pleasure to wear the same model as the one you love! It is a pledge of love and eternity, which we do not get tired, and easy to wear every day. Thus, many models exist in silver and steel, at very affordable prices. Impossible to do without it!

I advise you to this site if you are looking for beautiful thumb rings for women: Mylittlefantaisie.

The most beautiful models of thumb rings

A thumb ring can easily be large, and it is this effect of material which will give all its beauty to the wearing of the ring: with the smoothness and the delicacy of the fingers of woman will be allied the raw and solid material of a massive jewel.

The pure models with soft lines are always very popular. There are however more exotic models, made of Celtic links or Balinese curves, they are a real invitation to travel. This type of jewelry goes perfectly with outfits of a little more Bohemian or ethnic charm. Long dresses, split pleated skirts, bat wing sleeve tops with tassels or frills. Do not hesitate to accessorize the outfit with a floppy hat or a feathered borsalino for example.

It’s up to you to choose the model that will match your style and tell your story.

How to wear the thumb ring?

To wear a woman’s thumb ring, you must have personality, it is a constant. Then, the models can vary, according to the desire or the message that you want to pass. Some wear the thumb ring alone, as a unique talisman to their happiness. A unique thumb ring often displays a message that is a bit underground, a bit rebellious.
Others play it much more princess of the thousand and one nights, and wear many rings on all fingers, including the thumb.

It’s a matter of taste, and temperament, very personal. A woman can also choose to wear a ring from her man on her thumb, and this is a true message of love.

A thumb ring for women is not just any ring. It seals in any case a promise of independence and strength of character. It’s up to you to find yours!

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