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A jean according to your morphology

To each his shape, to each his preferences! What can I say ? Name me a girl who has never worn jeans? Jeans are timeless, there are just these cuts that vary, these styles and these colors. When it comes to our shape, we often ask ourselves, which body shape suits us best. It’s a good question if you care about your figure. I give you my tips for making the right choice of jeans !

Standard jeans ?

Yes, yes, I did say a standard jean ! Who is the lucky one? Of course, it’s the slim, the slim goes to everyone, no ? That you are fat, thin, small, long, round, the slim will always go to you! There is not much to say except that it goes practically to all of us.

You just have to choose the style and color then, for example, if you are curvy, go for a slim jean color a little dark, if you are thin, choose a lighter one. Apart from that, we have the washed out, destroy, low waist or high waist slim jeans, it’s up to you!

Preferences for each physique

And yes, apart from the slim fit, there are jeans that don’t fit everyone! Let’s take for example the boyfriend jeans, the boyfriend jeans do not fit everyone. This jean is not very recommended to tall and thin girls, for example. See that, learn that it is better to choose your jeans well !

Try to know how your body is made up and choose an ideal jean to bring out your well-made silhouette! Then adopt a style, vintage ? Rock ripped? Sober jeans ? … You can even customize your jeans according to your tastes once you know that this morphology suits you perfectly.