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All about the bohemian look

When you are invited to a party or when you sleep with your friends, you often don’t know what to wear. Yet you want to be original, to stand out a little, to be noticed, while showing your personality.

I have some tips, do not neglect the accessories to give a good look. And a little crush, why not the Bohemian style ? Printed dress or long jumpsuit? You can wear them at night or during the day. Create your outfit!

Bohemian look for the day

If it’s daytime, I wear a comfortable flowing dress. I put on a stylish burgundy hat that gives me a bit of a classy look, plus this hat will protect me from sunburn since it’s the middle of summer!

I don’t forget to wear my round glasses to bring out the 70s style. Chelsea boots that goes with everything. And to top it all off, I put on a denim jacket to get the super trendy Bohemian look that I’m looking for. Try it on for size! Do like me, you’ll see that your friends will envy you :p

And the Bohemian look for the evenings?

For what is evening wear, you can wear a same stylish Bohemian dress and comfortable, why a long kimono, it’s true it looks a little star of the 30s, but it will make you stand out. Wear matching black sandals like the Missguided for example.

Give a vintage style to your outfit by having an embroidered clutch. And don’t forget the rhinestones to shine! ^^ So, as you can see, it’s all about the accessories! It’s up to you to get inspired and create your own outfit ! ^^