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Halloween: disguises for young and old


Halloween is fast approaching with all its frenzy. If scaring the neighborhood is the golden rule of this party, finding the right costume is the basis, and this is as true for children as for adults. The success of the Halloween party starts there.

How to choose a Halloween costume for children

Probably in the same way as the Christmas party, Halloween is a very popular celebration for children. It is one of the times of the year when they can let their imagination run wild. So, you will not choose the Halloween costume of your children according to your tastes or according to your childhood characters. No, you will have to do everything you can to find out how your little one designs his own Halloween costume. If he allows it, (provided he is not too fussy) you can add some touches to improve the overall result.

The goal is to make your child feel really comfortable and comfortable identifying with his or her Halloween costume. They may choose a well-known character, so make sure their costume is one of the creepiest of the Halloween party. Whatever your child’s choice, make sure it’s one that their peers will enjoy most, or they may not enjoy Halloween. For infants, don’t overdo the creepiness of the costume. Avoid makeup, a simple outfit would be enough.

How to choose a Halloween costume for adults

For adults, there are plenty of choices. Your favorite characters from the movies (make sure they are characters that inspire fear), or the wave of the living dead that never misses the Halloween parties. But more importantly, you will have to take into account the theme of the celebration and make sure that your Halloween costume woman keeps a little friendly side, the excess in all things night, it is known.

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