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Finally know how to decorate a bathroom

Need an interesting idea to give your bathroom a makeover? Today is your lucky day, because I decided to talk about it in this article. I know, you have no patience and even less the gift that it takes for a beautiful decoration. So, I offer you my help to find the best possible alternatives for your bathroom!

A classy look that stands out

Do you know about scrabble tiles? This is a concept that I recommend you adopt, to brighten up the immaculate white of your tiles. Don’t worry, you can paint the letters yourself. Add to your bathroom door a classy, but lively color like yellow and to finish a graphic black floor, class.

I would also advise you to pay close attention to the faucets you choose. From the sink faucets to the shower phone, opt for a classy and design faucet, I assure you that it will give your bathroom some punch.

Are you a fan of recycling? Go hunting here and there at the fair digs a beautiful barber mirror, very panoramic to hang it above your sink! A hell of a look guaranteed for even more style.

Total look, color block or retro style?

Would you like a bit of 80s and 90s ambiance in your bathroom? I assure you, it can be done! Opt for black and white checks, a striped curtain and a wired pendant light. The highlight of the show: a wall painted in matte black!

To break up a too banal, too plain atmosphere, I advise you to replace just your bathtub. Choose a very sparkling color for it. I would choose blue, but you can also choose yellow. The color block bathtub; it works every time!

Lastly, if you really want a unique bathroom, I recommend the total black look, and a little white. Whether it’s the walls, the color of the bathtub, the doors, the furniture and even the floor, everything must be black! Except for the basin and the inside of the bathtub, which are always in white!