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Decorating: Bring your home up to date

You think that the decoration of your house lacks a bit of pep? Today, I have an idea that you might like and that will help you to put the decor of your home in the air of time. I admit that prints can be a little daring at times, but frankly, there are some great ideas to adopt in this new trend! Here are a few suggestions that you might just like!

Kids room and bedroom

I know, you think I’m going crazy wanting to put printed wallpaper in the bedroom and especially the baby’s, but no. It’s not just the sweet flower patterns, you can find wallpapers with original patterns in the stores.

In the baby’s room, there is no need to overdo it, you might scare him. On a light wall, you can choose, for example, one to stick a childish print, small drops of water, a colorful carpet in the same colors as the drops in accompaniment.

Bathroom and kitchen

In the bathroom as well as in the kitchen, the prints also invite themselves. From the tiles on the floor to the curtain on your shower window, choose graphic prints, they are very fashionable.

In the kitchen, I advise you to work especially the small dining area. Indeed, a beautiful printed wallpaper installed on the wall near the table. This could well help you have a good appetite!

In the living room

I decided to talk about the living room last, since that’s where I have the most ideas for you. First, you can line your walls with printed wallpaper. I advise you to choose beautiful patterns and colors.

On the accessories side, rugs with colorful graphic prints as well as graphic pillows are simply gorgeous! Be careful to match all the colors in the living room so that there is a little harmony!