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Career focus: interior decorator

As I am very interested in decoration, I thought that today you might like to discover an important profession in this field. So, I am going to dedicate these few lines so that we can talk about the job of interior decorator. Indeed, it is a job that has all its importance in the finishing of a house and especially in the style and decoration!

Interior decorator, what is it

I’ll make it simple to start, the interior decorator is a person who guides you, advises you in the decoration or renewal of the decoration of your home or the redesign of your interior.

Deco coach, home designer or relooker are other names that could be given to him. But in any case, they all have the same mission and do the same job: advise customers in the choice for the decoration of the house.

The missions of an interior decorator

As we have already started to talk about it, let’s move on to the missions of an interior decorator. It can be summed up in one word: advice. Indeed, the interior decorator accompanies his customer in the various choices that he must make within the framework of the decoration of his house.

Whether it is for the choice of furniture, decorative objects, lighting or even the colors to adopt in such or such room, the interior decorator helps his client, gives him ideas that are in the vision of the latter. He must follow the style and the desires of the customer without letting him do anything!

Its qualifications and its limits

In truth, there are no real qualifications to become an interior decorator. Training courses do exist to initiate the art of decoration, but it takes much more than simple knowledge to succeed in decorating. Indeed, you need to have a passion for decoration, you need to know all the trends, in short, you need to be IN.

Moreover, an interior decorator has his limits in the accomplishment of his work. Indeed, he can only work on what already exists. As a result, if the client plans to make various changes in his house that include work, the decorator can not intervene himself and therefore call on professionals.