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Decorating the living room, a matter of colors

You want to succeed in decorating your living room? Know that it’s not just a question of furniture or decorative objects. No, the decoration of the living room begins first by the choice of the colors to adopt, allowing thereafter to harmonize the rest of the contents of your house. So I suggest you discover in this article some points that will help you choose the right colors in your living room.

Choose the right color(s)

Don’t know what color to choose for your living room? I know, it is not easy to decide, because we are often afraid to get tired of it rather quickly. So, I suggest you today to pick a little in your closets. What are the colors that you almost never use in your clothes? They can give a beautiful effect on your walls.

I also think that choosing rather classic colors in neutral tones is also a good idea when it comes to the living room. Sand, gray, caramel or even ice brown are very good, but it will depend entirely on you.

You can also afford bright colors, but not in the whole room, otherwise I think you might go crazy with for example a bright orange or red color on all your walls.

Basic rules to follow

When choosing the color of your living room, there are also a few rules that you absolutely must know. Since I’m already talking about a strong color, it’s a good idea to combine it with a lighter color and to paint only one wall section with that strong color, in matte as well.

You can choose more than one color for your living room, whether on the walls, furniture or decorative objects. But be careful not to exceed three colors together if you don’t want your home to become too cheesy.

You can choose colors that blend well together, that are completely in contrast, or complementary colors, but you have to respect all this for a successful living room decor.

Finally, the last tip I’ll give you today on woodwork. I think you can afford to color your woodwork with darker tones than the color chosen on the walls of your living room.