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Some tips to secure your Facebook account, it’s this way!

Thanks to the Internet and social networks, we have never had so many opportunities to communicate: yet we have never been so susceptible to having our privacy vandalized by malicious people! Here are a few tips to protect you from certain misfortunes, if you have a Facebook account


Some tips to secure your Facebook account, it’s this way!

Focus on the different ways of hacking a Facebook account

Among the methods used by hackers to hack Facebook accounts, there is phishing, which consists in creating a false pass with the colors of the social network, in order to get confidential information. This technique would be used for political purposes everywhere in the world in order to destabilize states. Facebook, which has obviously become aware of the phenomenon, seeks to prevent its users through security messages and dual authentication systems. Thus, the user is required to send an SMS code to access his account.

In addition to the traditional techniques of social manipulation – or” social engineering” – attacks can be carried out through indirect methods: brute force or word list attacks, DNS Spoofing, and other malicious behavior on public networks.

 To avoid hacking on Facebook, be wary on the internet

To avoid Facebook hacks, be wary of the internet

How to avoid having your Facebook account hacked?

Faced with all these fraudulent maneuvers, the best antivirus remains yourself: don’t accept anyone in your friends list that you don’t know, and avoid clicking on any content and other executable files, even if they come from one of your friends in your contact list! You are also advised to protect your computer with two antivirus programs and to have an up-to-date firewall. Finally, do not download just any file from the Internet – streaming sites, and other illegal download sites.

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