A practical guide to when and how to candle eggs

Accueil 9 IT 9 A practical guide to when and how to candle eggs

In the world of poultry farming and hatchery, egg candling is a vital, yet often misunderstood process. Many of us wonder about the science behind this intriguing technique.

In this article, we will be discussing when and how to candle eggs and introducing a revolutionary tool – LaserLife® that has transformed the art of egg candling.

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Egg candling is a diagnostic process applied to eggs to determine their viability. It entails shining a bright light into an egg to observe its contents. This process is crucial as it allows us to separate the viable eggs from the non-viable ones. Identifying the non-viable eggs early helps to improve biosecurity and prevents the wastage of resources on incubating non-viable eggs. This is where LaserLife® comes into the picture.

What is LaserLife®?

LaserLife® is a cutting-edge technology that aims to advance the field of egg candling to new heights. This system uses dual sensor analysis to categorize each egg as live, dead, contaminated or clear. Through this detailed identification, LaserLife® ensures the removal of non-viable eggs before incubation, thereby enhancing biosecurity and productivity.

This unique technology revolutionizes the process of egg candling by identifying non-viable eggs at the transfer stage. By distinguishing these eggs from the healthy ones, we can ensure a more efficient and fruitful incubation process.

How does LaserLife® work ?

LaserLife® operates through a meticulous process of laser analysis. This process involves using the refraction patterns of the eggs under the laser light to determine their viability. Fertile eggs are identified using heat emission analysis and an infra-red scan, providing additional layers of accuracy to the process.

Through this dual sensor analysis, LaserLife® categorizes each egg as either live, dead, contaminated or clear. This detailed identification ensures the removal of non-viable eggs before incubation, which is pivotal to improving biosecurity and optimizing resources.

LaserLife® equipment features

LaserLife® offers a high-speed solution capable of analyzing up to 100,000 eggs per hour, making it an indispensable tool for large poultry farms and hatcheries. Moreover, its versatility allows it to adapt to different crate sizes, making it suitable for different types of poultry farms.

Another commendable feature of LaserLife® is its data collection system. It compiles and maintains a detailed record of each egg’s classification, providing valuable data for hatchery managers to analyze and make informed decisions.

The importance of LaserLife®

The significance of LaserLife® in egg candling cannot be overstated. Bacterial contamination and the incidence of explosive eggs can increase late embryo mortality, reduce hatchability, and result in poor chick quality, thereby impacting the productivity and profitability of a poultry farm.

By leveraging LaserLife® technology, we can enhance hatchability and chick health through the effective detection and removal of dead embryos and rotten eggs. Chicks hatching from properly candled eggs present a lower bacteriological challenge at hatch, resulting in a better chick quality index and improved chick health status. As a result, LaserLife® can improve hatchability between 0.5 and 1%, significantly impacting the farm’s yield and profitability.

Other products from the range

In addition to LaserLife®, there are other products in the range that can further streamline the hatchery process. One such product is the Chick Counter, an innovative equipment that accurately counts the number of chicks hatched, providing valuable data for tracking productivity and forecasting future yield.

Another notable product is the Tray Unloader, a tool designed to automate the process of unloading hatched chicks from their trays, reducing labor costs and the likelihood of human error.

Advantages of egg candling with LaserLife®

Egg candling is a critical step in the process of poultry farming and hatchery because it determines the viability of eggs, thus dictating the success of the entire operation. Utilizing LaserLife® for this purpose comes with a plethora of advantages that are worth highlighting.

First and foremost, LaserLife® brings a level of accuracy to egg candling that traditional methods cannot match. It uses dual sensor analysis, involving heat emission analysis and an infra-red scan, to categorize eggs as live, dead, contaminated, or clear. This precise categorization helps in improving biosecurity by allowing the premature removal of non-viable eggs, thus preventing any possible contamination.

Furthermore, LaserLife® is extremely efficient in terms of speed and adaptability. It can analyze up to 100,000 eggs per hour, a scale of operation that is ideal for large poultry farms and hatcheries. Its adaptability to different crate sizes further adds to its versatility, making it a suitable choice for diverse types of poultry farms.

The impact of LaserLife® on poultry farming

LaserLife®, with its cutting-edge technology, is not merely an egg-candling tool but a game-changer in the field of poultry farming. It has the potential to significantly transform the landscape of poultry farming by maximizing productivity and profitability.

By facilitating early identification and removal of non-viable eggs, LaserLife® enhances hatchability and chick health. This means fewer resources wasted on dead embryos and rotten eggs and more focus on the healthy ones. The resultant improvement in hatchability between 0.5 and 1% can significantly boost a farm’s yield and profitability.

Moreover, LaserLife® collects and maintains a detailed record of each egg’s classification. This provides invaluable data that managers can analyze to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to more efficient resource allocation and better farm management.

The future of poultry farming with LaserLife®

In summary, LaserLife® is a revolutionary tool that is set to redefine egg candling and, in turn, the entire poultry farming industry. Its innovative dual sensor analysis technology brings unprecedented accuracy and efficiency to egg candling.

Furthermore, its ability to handle large-scale operations and adaptability to different crate sizes makes it an ideal tool for all types of poultry farms. By enhancing hatchability and chick health, it allows farms to maximize their productivity and profitability.

In addition, LaserLife®’s data collection capabilities provide poultry farm managers with crucial insights to improve their management decisions. With all these advantages, it is undeniable that LaserLife® represents the future of egg candling and poultry farming. As such, it is a tool worth considering for anyone involved in the industry.

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