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5 tips for choosing the perfect TV

Do you need a new television set? Be careful, I warn you, this is not a purchase that can be made in a hurry like buying a pair of panties. Indeed, you have to take into account different criteria, the profusion of new models on the market does not help either! It is necessary to know how to draw its pin from the game. So today I offer you 5 tips to buy your TV.

Define a budget, choose the size of your TV and connectors

The first thing to focus on when buying a new TV is your budget. Indeed, it is according to your means that you will have to choose a model. I know it’s an investment, but you don’t want to go broke with it either!

Once the budget is set, you can browse the shelves to find the screen size that suits you best. Be careful, on this point, I also recommend you to take into account the size of your home. Your TV must fit in it without any difficulty.

Then, I advise you to check the connectors. Nowadays, a television set is not only for cable. There are also various game consoles and other equipment such as players. So check if there are USB inputs, HDMI outputs as well as the classic analog outputs.

Contrast ratio and screen technology

After that, I advise you to look at the details that do not seem obvious at first glance. I start with the screen technology, this is a very important point in your choice. I always advise 4K screens or UHD screens, it’s even better than Full HD.

Next, I advise you to pay special attention to the contrast ratio of your TV. Although it is often used to praise the merits of a television, the values stated are not always correct, so this is a point to consider.