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Why choose the PVC card?


Resistant, design, customizable and functional, the PVC card seduces a growing number of professionals. This all-purpose communication medium accumulates advantages. Moreover, its future seems already well mapped out in view of the possibilities that the cheap PVC card offers to its users. Focus on its description and functions.

What is a PVC card?

The PVC card is a perfectly rigid variation of the cards commonly used in the professional market. Instead of opting for cardboard, the designers propose a plastic material that extends the life of the product. It allows you to build loyalty, to prospect, to identify yourself… In other words, it adapts to all your needs.

The PVC card rather than the traditional business card

It is customary to exchange business cards when meeting with a new client, potential partners or suppliers. Although these cards are generally kept in a case designed for this purpose, time does not always play in their favor and some accidents could crumple them, even tear them.
The PVC business card is perfectly rigid and will not bend. It is also resistant to stains and humidity, essential criteria for optimizing the quality of your business ID.

The information it carries will remain perfectly legible for an unlimited period of time. And then, several finishes are possible, allowing to offer an unequaled aestheticism to this printing product.

The PVC card, ideal for gift/loyalty cards

When you’re short on inspiration for a gift, the best option is to dedicate a personalized gift card to the person in question. The emergence of PVC versions is a real boon for retailers who can assert their professionalism and their desire to constantly evolve with technological advances.
The loyalty card is also a common way to keep customers or to attract new ones. Consumers will enjoy using a slim PVC card that is generally similar in format to a bank card. The practicality that seduces once again.

The PVC card, a trendy alternative to traditional communication media

This revolutionary product guarantees a high quality image and easily decipherable text areas. There are many ways to personalize the PVC card, depending on the function it will have when it leaves the print shop. This versatility is reflected in the possibility of integrating a microchip and/or a barcode. All kinds of data can also be included, as the PVC card is perfectly compatible with double-sided printing.
The manufacturing technique also includes several processing options that guarantee a trendy look. These include the application of varnish, the use of a slate to create a writing or signature area with a pen. According to your wishes, the PVC card can be declined in a breakable version to optimize its conservation.

As you can see, this card has no limits other than those imposed by your imagination.

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