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Online games and screen, which one to choose?

To enjoy the hours spent in a good online game, the screen used is a key factor. The same is true for console games. The visual rendering is very important, because that’s where it all starts. Need to choose a new screen, let me help you today to find the most suitable model to ensure your comfort and enjoyment!

Screens from Asus

I’m a bit partial to the screens that can be found at Asus, but it’s not for the worse, because they really do offer some interesting products. So I start with the Asus VG248QE 24″ monitor. Even with its 24”, it will be ideal for your online role playing games. Full HD with a record response time, not to mention that it is compatible with 3D, it is great!

Then there is the Asus Rog Swift PG278Q screen which, with its 27”, is a real ally for all gamers who respect themselves. Compatible with 3D content with its high definition panel, USB ports and a response rate of 1 millisecond, you have everything you need with this little gem.

Without 3D, but just as great

If the 3D option doesn’t interest you much yet, you can very well opt for other models from Asus. Indeed, you have for example the Asus VS278H 27″ screen in black color. Its performance is worthy of the greatest gamers, with a contrast that is simply ideal for your games taking place in a dark universe. I recommend it especially for its low price.

Finally, I suggest the Iiyama GE2788HS-B1 screen. Its 27” will give you an unequaled comfort during your games even if it’s not from Asus, it’s still in Full HD, so it’s ideal for gamers. Striking contrast, sober design add to its qualities, I tell you, it’s the bomb!