Work: 4 different buckets for 4 different uses

Accueil 9 DIY 9 Work: 4 different buckets for 4 different uses

Before starting any earth moving work, it is essential to know about buckets.

Here are some examples of buckets available to equip your construction equipment, such as the mini excavator.

Hydraulic screening bucket

The screening bucket, thanks to its variable granulometry, is perfect for selecting the material you want among stone, earth or sand.

It is also perfect for filling a trench, as you can select exactly the diameter of rubble that will be useful to you. All in all, a really perfect multi-tool (on mini excavators from 5T)

Clear track bucket

The skeleton bucket is ideal for getting rid of large stones on a construction site, for example when digging foundations. It allows you to sort out all the stones and branches, letting the small materials pass and retaining only the largest. Practical to avoid a lot of trouble.

Crusher bucket

The crusher bucket allows you to crush the rubble on your site. You can then reuse them according to your needs, which avoids the purchase of any new material and save a lot of time (no transport).

This bucket will avoid you to use too many mechanical machines because it carries out several tasks. Efficient to limit costs and very easy to use.

Fleco bucket

This type of bucket is made up of a harrow with teeth made of a very resistant material, in order to be able to pick up aggregates very easily, or to uproot in all simplicity. Useful on all sites, especially on agricultural sites.

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