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Professional painter: choose him

seau peinture

Painting is an art in its own right, and this also applies to professional painting: it requires a specific know-how and technicality. The professionals who offer this type of service have undergone specific training to be able to offer a unique rendering on your wall surfaces, whether it is an interior painting or an exterior painting (facades, etc.). We are going to present you the reasons to call upon a professional painter and the main advantages of his intervention for your renovation and/or construction works.

The occasions to call upon a professional painter

There are many reasons to call on a professional painter.

First, it is important to understand that throughout the day, your walls are exposed to varying light, which is a major element in the quality and the rendering. Why is this so? For the simple reason that if the installation is not done properly and if the basic imperfections are ignored or poorly anticipated (such as cracks, hollows, etc.), the defects will sooner or later be visible, whether in the short or long term.

You can therefore call on a professional painter for all work related to painting (from preparation to polishing and finishing), whether it is a small or a large-scale project. Only he has a unique technicality, professional products and knows the tricks to make your walls perfectly clean and offer you a high quality finish.

Whether it’s a renovation, construction or decoration project, don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate to benefit from an irreproachable and long-lasting quality.

The different services offered by a professional painter

The daily missions of a professional painter, are varied. He must show great versatility in the services he offers to his clients and future clients.

He intervenes on the interior surfaces of your home, professional premises and exterior by implementing methods and adapting to each type of surface and materials.

If you call upon his services for interior work, he will be able to install wallpaper, paint a wall but also cover the floor and maintain your walls.

On the outside, his missions consist in upgrading your facade, reinforcing the waterproofing and maintaining your walls to give them more resistance to humidity and bad weather.

The professional painter is the service provider who brings the final touch and who takes care of the finishing touches of the work, whether it is in the choice of colors, materials and rendering that you wish as well as the optimization of the light on the concerned rooms.

What budget for how many m²?

As far as the budget for the work is concerned, there is no standard rate, everything depends on the surface to be treated, the condition of the wall, the products you want to use, the services you want etc.

Initially, you will discuss with the craftsman to define the colors you want to have. For example, if you want decorative effects such as trompe l’oeil, floral patterns, false frames or specific materials such as imitation wood or marble.

It is also necessary to take into account the time that the painter will devote to your site as well as the installation, which corresponds in this field of activity to the cost of the labor.

In addition to the installation of paint or wallpaper, the professional painter will have to prepare the wall to be able to install the new coating, and this depends on the size of the surface to be treated and the current state of your surface. Following this preparation, the support must be finalized according to your desires and your wish for the final result.

If we take an average range, currently applied on the professional painting sector, count approximately 20 to 45 euros excluding tax for one hour of work, which corresponds to an average of 12 to 18 euros for one m2. Of course, these rates are indicative and may vary from one craftsman to another and, especially, depending on the services and materials you choose.


Don’t hesitate to call on a professional painter!

How to choose a professional painter?

To choose your professional painter and make sure you don’t make a mistake, you can rely on several factors:

– First, don’t hesitate to use the Internet to consult specialized sites and forums to check the so-called e-reputation of the company in question. You will be able to access customers’ evaluations, their opinions and their feelings about the services that have been provided.

– Once you have “purified” the companies that stood out thanks to their quality of work and their ability to listen to their customers, list them and call each of them to ask for a feasibility study of your project as well as an estimate (it should be given to you free of charge and without obligation).

– If you call upon a professional painter

for exterior work such as the restoration of a facade, you must take administrative steps to comply with the law and the town planning department of your municipality.

– Finally, it is imperative that you are vigilant about respecting the standards and legislation that are in force in the craft industry and more specifically in painting. The latter must be regulated and not represent any danger to health.

Once you have found a professional painter, all you have to do is choose the colors. We give you our advice to choose the right color for your living room.