What would be the best solution to ensure the heating of the house?

Accueil 9 DIY 9 What would be the best solution to ensure the heating of the house?

Heating is important, especially with winter fast approaching. However, you are still hesitating about the most interesting solutions to adopt for your home. Indeed, nowadays, there are so many systems to choose from that you don’t always know where to turn. That’s why we’ve decided to write this article today to tell you about the heating options available to you. What would be the best solution to adopt?


Wood heating: Which solution to adopt?

In terms of heating, there are different solutions that you can adopt. This is mostly about fuels really, as heating solutions today can use different kinds. So let’s start with wood heating.

  • The fireplace

The fireplace is one of the most discouraged ways to heat with wood today. Indeed, they do not allow a good distribution of heat in the house, but moreover the open fireplaces cause great heat loss.

It is therefore without hesitation that we advise you against choosing this solution, unless you have no other choice. However, you can change the situation if you decide to equip your fireplace with an insert, which would transform your fireplace into a closed fireplace. We think this is a good alternative.

Another solution that you can adopt if you can only use your fireplace is to install a heat recovery unit that will draw air from the hood and redistribute the heat to other rooms in the house. This way, the fireplace will be a good auxiliary heating system.

  • Wood stove

The wood stove is a heating solution that more and more people choose in recent years because of the lower energy consumption and resources that it allows.

The good thing about wood stoves is that they are quite easy to set up, and they allow you to have a good performance. In addition, you can now find very aesthetic models that allow you to enjoy wood heating without the constraints of an ugly fireplace.

Regarding the wood stoves it is necessary to use what is called pellets to operate them, classic logs also for some models and sawdust pellets. These are actually wood pellets that take quite a long time to burn and also allow having a good performance.

  • Wood boiler

As for the wood boiler, it can be with rising combustion, horizontal combustion, turbo, chips or pellets. We would like to point out that the last three are the most efficient, as they provide an efficiency of over 75%. The chimney flue must however be in perfect condition and respect the precise characteristics of section, alignment, floor crossing and outlet on the roof.

It is also essential to install an outside air intake in the room where the boiler is located. If you have taken a VMC, we advise you today to take note of the rules to be taken into account.


Ecological heating, what would be the best option?

There are also solutions nowadays to heat with more ecological solutions. We will therefore see what solutions are available to you in this area.

  • Solar heating

It is now possible to use solar heating to heat your entire house. It is possible to use this type of heating in all regions of the world. However, it is in the south that it is most effective.

The installation of thermal solar panels can allow you to take advantage of the sun’s heat. We advise you to install them on the roof of your house or in your garden if you have enough space for it.

However, we would like to point out that one of the major disadvantages that this type of installation can cause is that you need to combine it with an auxiliary heating system to allow you to have a better performance.

  • Heat pumps

The heat pump is a solution. There are two solutions for this: geothermal heating and also for aerothermal heating. The good thing about this kind of system is that it allows you to obtain a complete autonomy and therefore remains the most economical.

One of the major disadvantages is however that its installation requires significant work and, if in the garden, a flat land. This type of ecological heating is ideally installed at the beginning of the construction of your house. This type of heat pump captures the heat of the ground with buried probes to diffuse it evenly in your home with underfloor heating for example.

There is also aerothermal heating, which uses pumps that draw heat from the air circulating in the house. Compared to geothermal heating, it is easier and less cumbersome to install.

We recommend that you install air-to-air heat pumps away from bedrooms so that you are not disturbed by noise. Note that you may also need a space heater.

Some tips for optimizing your heating

Of course, in order to considerably reduce the consumption of your home, we advise you to put in place certain things in order to optimize the heating. The most important of all is to ensure that your home is well insulated. Indeed, if your insulation is not efficient enough, installing an efficient heating system will not help you much. It is essential to reduce heat loss.

We also advise you to regulate your heating system properly, as you need to manage it with precision. An electronic control will undoubtedly help you to do this properly. What we advise you to do is to equip your radiators with thermostatic valves, for example, and then make sure that you fine-tune the temperature setting according to the rooms according to their use.

Combine this with a programming clock to ensure automatic temperature adjustments at different times of the day and defined beforehand so that when the house is busy, the heating is adequate and when there is no one in the house, it does not run at full capacity.

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