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Solar panels: what to remember?

Solar panels are all the rage these days, as questions about reducing fossil fuel consumption and protecting the environment are on everyone’s mind. Indeed, solar panels have evolved over time and are now much more accessible than before. I propose you in this article to know the essential of the solar panels.

Thermal and photovoltaic solar panels

The first thing you need to know about solar panels is that there are two main categories so far: thermal solar panels and photovoltaic solar panels

These are two very different technologies, but they use solar energy, one for heat production and the other for electricity production. I think you will have understood that thermal solar panels are more accessible on the market, although there are two types: solar panels with flat plate collectors and solar panels with evacuated tube collectors.

A system with solar water heater

Solar thermal panels are part of the system to be installed to benefit from a solar water heater. To complete the system, you need a water tank to store the water heated by the panels.

You will then need to connect the water tank to your home’s conventional water distribution system so that you can get the most out of the solar panel. The system is suitable for domestic hot water production, but also for domestic heating.

A budget to prepare

No need to specify it, I think well, the thermal solar panels have a price, as well as the water tank and the distribution network to be set up. As for the solar panels, the price range is between €400 and €1000, the storage tank is worth between €1500 and €2000. Don’t forget to count the labor for the installation, and you will have your budget.

I would like to remind you that you are entitled to state aid and subsidies if you carry out work on your home, work that involves reducing energy consumption. The installation of solar panels is part of the eligible work I think well. So, I advise you to get information from the town hall to see what is waiting for you.