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Buying an old property is not simple, here is the method.

We don’t always have to turn to new furniture when investing in real estate. Indeed, it is quite possible to fall in love with an old house when you see one. No need to rush into it though, you have to be very careful, because these are minefields, you never know what it may hide. So here are three points on how to buy in antique furniture.

Check the general condition of the house

Depending on whether it is a house or an apartment, the points you will have to check are numerous on the general state of the rooms. You will have to look at everything with a magnifying glass in order to detect possible problems.

Exposure of the house, size of the rooms, number of rooms, state of the woodwork, state of the floor, frames and beams must be given particular attention. In an apartment, the condition of the roof and the common areas should be checked.

Check the different systems

For the proper functioning of a house, everyone knows that it is necessary to install different systems. I’m talking about the sewage system, the electrical installations, the gas network, the water connection, the ventilation systems and the heating.

If possible, take a professional with you to do the checks with you. It will be much safer, even if it means more money.

A survey in the neighborhood

To finish, I suggest you to make a survey on your future neighborhood. Indeed, a house can be beautiful and magnificent, but when the neighborhood is rotten, even passing in the same street as them becomes unbearable.

So, if you arrive before the visit, take a walk around the neighborhood. Meet and talk with people you meet along the way. Listen carefully to the people around you, is it quiet or on the contrary, is it a hellish noise? This way you can see how they are in general.