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Everything you need to know about being a real estate agent

The real estate agent’s profession

real estate agent

The real estate agent profession attracts new people every year

The real estate agent is at the origin of transactions between sellers and buyers and between landlords and tenants. He or she guarantees the success of the projects of each of the parties who call on his or her expertise and ensures that the real estate procedures run smoothly.

The real estate agent is a true salesman, but also a man of ground. Transactions of sale, purchase, rent, he is on all fronts thanks to a faultless reactivity and a pronounced taste for the challenge. Real estate, agricultural land, industrial premises, businesses, the real estate agent has extensive expertise based on perfect knowledge of the texts and regulations in force.

As a company manager or employee within a team, this real estate professional shows dynamism, rigor and a full investment to carry out all his missions.
The real estate agent also has a role of accompaniment and advice to help the people who solicit him to come to an end of their projects. Always listening to the expectations of his clients, he is able to materialize their needs and establish a real climate of trust to quickly meet the expectations of his customers, and this under optimal conditions.

Today, more than two out of three transactions are carried out through the intervention of a real estate agent. Indeed, buyers and sellers choose to use a professional to accompany them in procedures that are heavy in formalities and difficult from a legal point of view. In addition to the precious help he brings in the completion of real estate projects, this expert represents a full security against the risks of insolvency and ensures a perfectly legal course of the procedures.