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The right clues about second homes

A second home, it’s always useful when you feel like getting away from it all. Due to the hard rhythm of everyday life, we are looking for a place where we can relax calmly away from everything, while feeling at home.

I say we all need it, decide why not buy a second home just for that? I’ll show you everything you need to know before venturing into the purchase of a second home.

Establish your budget

Obviously everything depends on the budget, you buy then think about its some small useful expenses that it is necessary when you will be there. I’m talking about expenses related to electricity for example, gas, water, your internet subscription; I’m talking about stuff like that. If you want to stay for a long time, the expenses will increase, so you have to prepare yourself.

In addition, in terms of secondary residence in addition, there are specific subscriptions that internet providers offer cost-effectively. Find out more. Don’t forget to take out a home insurance policy, as it will be uninhabited, so that you can react better in case of theft, for example. You can also think about putting guards in it! It’s more practical, too.

Tax regimes

The taxes to pay for a second home do exist. First, there is the housing tax, which varies from one municipality to another. Its calculation is based on the rental value of your second home. Generally, I pay it every year, every December.

After the housing tax, we have the property tax, same principle as the housing tax, but for this one, you can do like me, if you are a good negotiator, ask your mayor for a reduction! ^^ Finally we have the small necessary taxes where you can’t escape, in general, they are not very expensive, I’m talking about taxes related to garbage collection and stuff like that.