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Buying a house in Nice : which real estate agency to turn to ?


The French Riviera is a dream. Many are those who wish to settle there. Who hasn’t thought about enjoying the beaches and sun of Nice? Except that the market is very complex, precisely because of the number of people who want to live there. The only solution you have is to trust a real estate agent. This is normally a guarantee of a precious help when buying a property…. provided you choose him well! So if you too dream of moving to the Alpes-Maritimes, or of finding your second home there, here is the advice of a southerner to find the right Nice real estate agency for you.

Before entering a real estate agency in Nice, check some clues

Before entering the premises, I advise you to carefully observe the agency’s window.

If there are many offers for sale of houses in Nice, this will guarantee you a wider choice. It also shows that the agency is recognized by the owners who go through it to sell their property.

Also read the offers. A perfectly written text and a clear and attractive photo will underline the agency’s concern to do well. Beware of overly tempting phrases. For this, you can even go to the agency’s website. Updated offers are a sign of professionalism.

Then, go directly to the agency and discuss your project with the real estate agent. In theory, he or she should ask you a number of specific questions, including your budget, your wishes in terms of surface area, and the neighborhood you want.

Choose a real estate agency that is located in the area of Nice that you want

I was just telling you about the neighborhood. It is indeed wise to choose a local agency when you are looking for a property to buy. This way, they will know more about the specificities of the neighborhood, starting with the price per square meter. It is obvious that prices differ depending on whether you are buying near the Promenade des Anglais, in Cimiez, or in the hills of Nice.

A local agency will also be able to give you more information about the living environment of the neighborhood. It will know, for example, which are the main transport links in the area or which schools and shops are nearby.

Your real estate agency in Nice must be able to provide you with several services

First, the real estate agency must be able to make a selection of properties according to the criteria you have presented to it. Then, it must be able to organize apartment visits for you according to your availability.

The advantage of visiting a property with a real estate agent is that he will have much more distance than the owner and will present the property to you with partiality. After a few visits, you should have a better understanding of the real estate market in Nice, and you should be able to recognize a real favorite when it comes along. If you are interested in a property, the real estate agent must provide you with the mandatory diagnostics and the amount of charges and taxes, as well as the plans if you ask for them.

If you have finally found the property of your dreams, he/she will draw up (or formulate) an offer with you and can help you negotiate with the owner. In addition to (or instead of) a negotiation, he can also ask for a long sale or for work to be done. The cream of the crop of real estate agents will also help you set up a financing project. He can direct you to a reliable real estate credit broker in order to present the best possible file to the seller in case your personal contribution is not sufficient.

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