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Armored door: choose the super armor


Professionals and individuals need to protect their business (warehouse and offices for example) or their home against break-ins. To ensure their security, they increasingly choose to equip their entrances with super armor. Super shoring: a guaranteed security

What is super armor?

There are different types of armor: the basic armor, the pivot armor and the super armor. All these types of armor have their qualities, but only the last one will assure you of maximum security. A super armor consists simply of a steel frame fixed on the old door frame. It is therefore an uncomplicated solution, despite its high efficiency. It is also possible to install it by sealing: in this case, the hinges are sealed, for a guaranteed high security. The super armor has different levels of certification, the highest of which corresponds to an almost military level. The best level of super-armor is a door certified A2P BP3, with a steel prefix. Such a door will be truly impenetrable. However, a super-armored door is always opened by a lock, so it is important to avoid losing your keys, because you will not easily break into it if you do!

What are the advantages of super shielding?

A super-armored door requires a professional installation, which generally corresponds to a few hours of work, but once the installation is done, you will find the price quite moderate, because your super-armored door will offer an extremely dissuasive protection to your apartment, house or premises of your company.

In addition, you can further increase the security of your door with anti-claw angles: it will be impossible to destroy the hinges of the super armor. When potential burglars see a super-armored door, they usually turn away, because such a system is absolutely impenetrable by conventional means. This is because the armored door, in addition to being strong due to its specially designed steel, is incredibly heavy, and therefore not easily manipulated. Perfect for you to sleep on your two ears!
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